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Khalid Salamat is a veteran who provides excellent solutions to the companies for export marketing through a vast network in a number of countries. Most companies consult for getting the best broad ranged marketing consultancy in the UAE/GCC.

Khalid Salamat- Services

Menu of Services

Khalid Salamat- Screening, Identification & Selection of Distributors- Services
Screening, Identification & Selection of Distributors
Designing Marketing Strategy

The six steps in strategic marketing we follow

Khalid Salamat- Designing Marketing Strategy- Services
Khalid Salamat- Sales Development & Distributor Management- Services
Sales Development & Distributor Management

Key components used for the right business development strategy for the client are

Sales Training
Khalid Salamat- Sales Training - Services
Khalid Salamat-Sales Training- Services
Brand Development
Khalid Salamat- Brand Development - Services
Khalid Salamat - Identification of Acquisition Targets/Facilitating JV Formation- Services
Identification of Acquisition Targets/Facilitating JV Formation
Advertising, PR & Communications
Khalid Salamat- Advertising, PR & Communications- Services
Khalid Salamat- Market Research & Analysis- Services
Market Research & Analysis

We initiate the market research by using the following processes